About Us

Hello Cherie ! Let's us introduce ourselves... We are a small candle company based in Ottawa, capital of Canada. Our goal is to provide you, original and unique scented products in order to motivate you during your daily/basic activities. Our products will be your daily reminders to take care of the beautiful being that you are.

All our products are made with natural ingredients mainly provided by small Canadian companies. Keep it in mind, when you shop with us it not only our dream that you support but the dreams of other small businesses.

We use a perfect blend of Coconut/Soy wax which is one of the purest and healthiest wax to make our candles.

All our fragrance oils are Phthalates and Paraben Free because our customer health is our first priority.

Our crackling wooden wicks are the perfect final note for our precious candles, they make a crackling soothing noise when they burn and lead you on a relaxing voyage restful for your senses.